Intertech Warranty Policy


Intertech Trading Corporation is a reseller and not a manufacturer of any product, therefore the products we sell is directly covered by the warranty policy provisions of their respective manufacturers.


The warranty policy is put in place and executed by the respective manufacturer without our input; in essence, we only occupy the role of a warranty administrator for the manufacturer or to better say, an intermediary between you (our customer) and the manufacturer.


The responsibility of you (our customer) is to ship the defective product to us directly with all expenses fully paid and back to you. It is our responsibility to ship the product to the manufacturer with all expenses paid and back to us. Under the warranty policy, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to either repair or replace the product as the case may be at no cost to both of us.


Please see Intertech RMA Procedures and RMA Instructions/Agreement for more information



Intertech Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) Procedures


1 Our RMA procedures like any standard company in USA is that whenever you want to return any unit(s) either for repairs or replacement you need to first notify us by mail.


2. Below should be the specific information that you must supply via the email notification:

(A) Invoice Number

(B)  Serial Number(s)

(C) Part/product Number(s)

(D) Service Tag Number (for Dell products)

(E) Express Service Code (for Dell products)

(F) Quantity/Number of faulty/defective units

(G) Explanation on the nature of fault

(H) Explanation on any corrective action(s) taken if any.

(I) Description on the physical condition of the unit: dent(s), scratches or any notable physical damage(s).


3. After we have received this information, you will be issued RMA # to return the unit(s) to us for repair or replacement as may be deemed by manufacturer of the unit according to the warranty policy provisions.


4. This RMA# will be issued to you in a document (containing shipping and packaging instructions) that you are expected to print a copy, append your signature on it and return it in the package of the RMA item.


5. During the period in which this RMA unit(s) is with us, you are free to ask for the update at any time until the item is ready to be shipped back to you.



Intertech RMA Instructions/Agreement Document


Please read this document carefully. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a non-processing of your return.


1. You will be issued a dated RMA ranging from 7days to 30days (depending on the unit warranty expiring date) to return you defective unit(s) to us. If we can’t take the delivery on or before end of the specified date, the RMA# will be considered void and your return will not be processed.


2.   If a return is sent without an RMA number, the product will not be processed by the RMA Dept.  Different items other than the one processed under this RMA # received by the warehouse will not be processed by the RMA Dept.


3.  Please make sure that your RMA number is visible on your return packaging using the below shipping address, but do not write it on the original box. Package(s) shipped without RMA # on the outside of the box will be refused by the warehouse.


4.  Unfortunately we do not pay for the shipment of RMA items. It is the responsibility of our customers to pay for both the shipment to us and the return of the repaired item.


5. The item(s) must be carefully packed in a separate shipping box with packing materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc on all sides around the product(s).


6.  All package(s) sent to us must be sent via Courier Company that has a tracking method with proof of delivery and you should fully insure the item(s) in case the package is damaged or lost in transit. Customer is responsible for risk of loss or damage in transit.


7. Your package and the content will be inspected upon receipt. Any damage will be documented and you will be notified. The packaging and carton will be retained for 3 business days. Should you decide to submit a damage claim to the carrier, you must notify us within those 3 days or the packaging and carton will be discarded. Intertech Trading Corporation is not responsible for damage that occurs during transportation.


8. Please email tracking information to RMA Dept. contact person as soon as the shipment is made. You will be contacted you as soon as we receive the item and you are free to contact us for update on the status of this RMA any time in the course of this RMA process.


9.  Kindly allow 30 days to process the replacement/repairs.  You may reach RMA Dept. contact person by responding to his e-mail and avoid altering the subject line of the email reply as this will interfere with the proper routing of your message.


10. Please include a signed copy of this RMA AGREEMENT with your returned item.


11. Please ship your RMA to:


RMA #: ———————–


8933 NW 23RD STREET,

MAIMI, FL 33172.  USA

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